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April 27, 2021
The wonderful thing about writing and our creative endeavors is that it's always there for you to grab when you're ready. 
For me, Spring is about releasing. Releasing the shoulds. Today I sat and wrote down a bunch: I should be adored. I should be perfect. I should be accepted. I should be popular. I should say the right thing so I don't hurt feelings. And then I burned each one, lit the corner of the paper on a candle and dropped it in a fireproof bowl. And I love the smell of a fire. 

Those shoulds... Several years ago, those shoulds ruled me (less so now, but still there lingering). I think that's why it took me so long to follow that creative call. I had too many shoulds. But then, I got to the point where I thought I HAVE TO DO THIS, or DIE. And that THIS was learn how to quilt. That's dramatic, but it was something inside of me that was waiting to be born. And when I finally took the plunge, it changed my life. Come to think of it, the same thing happened with learning the guitar. I got it as a gift in 1999, and then after staring at it for 8 years, I decided to commit to lessons at the age of 37 when most people falsely believe they're too old to learn something like an instrument. Well, screw that, 'cause that's not true. But yet again, so thankful for taking that risk, the guitar had also changed my life. When I finally made the decision to learn, I got this buzz from the inside, every cell buzzed at my first lesson, and to this day, it still impacts me, learning the guitar, learning to quilt, these gifts transformed me forever. 
Also, did you know that an octopus has a decentralized brain? To think that their brains are in every cell blows my mind. It got me to thinking that our own creativity and intelligence work that way too. Intelligence and creative sparks are literally everywhere and in all things, in the daffodil, the smell of a fuschia hyacinth, in the raindrops that nourish the seeds that grow food to feed our bodies and flowers and trees to feed and take care of our souls. It's everywhere and ready to be plucked for your joy.

Are you ready to follow that thread of curiosity to learn something new? Because I am ready for you! It's been several months, but when it's time, it's time, so...

Classes are up! It's been so long that I've had humans learning fun things in my makerspace. She's calling to us, the magical makerspace. For your delight, I posted classes for May: Quilting, sewing, music, songwriting, and more to come! Please let me know if you have an idea for a class.

Here's the link to register: 

Fabric Purchases of $100+ Save 20% All Month! Code:::: FABRICLUV20 :::: (Discount does not apply to classes)

And friends in and around Denver, I'm calling for teachers out there! Who wants to teach a class? Reach out to me

XOXOXO your loving craft octopus,

2020 is proving to be a year no one will forget. These circumstances, while scary and unprecedented for many of us, especially our youth, are temporary. I've been following closely the messages of Deepak Chopra and doing lots of meditation, both to calm my heart and mind, and find peace, as well as stay informed from a source I consider an expert who is well versed in the body-mind-spirit paradigm. There will be lost income, (I'm not alone), but we can rebuild. With time, our health, and community support, it does work out! Taking it day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath. 

Hello, Creative Folks,
It's a new year! Someone asked me the other day what my goals for the year were, and after some thought, I said, "To laugh and appreciate more." I didn't say that I wanted to double my income, or increase my sales, or teach more classes. What I want is to feel *my heart soar*, to be unconditional about being happy. Is that even possible? I want to live joyfully in the moment. I want to discover the joy of being present and thankful for all the good and abundance I have now. While it is true I want those other things to manifest, that would be nice, what I truly want is intangible, a soaring heart I can't touch, and what's amazing is I CAN achieve THAT easily when I think about my family, having my health, the opportunity to be creative and free, and to remember all the opportunities for creativity ahead. I wish the same for all of us! For all of us to have soaring happy hearts. Happy Happy New Moment, friends. 

Next month we have jewelry classes, doll making classes and quilting classes. And just for fun, here's a code for 25% off your next purchase this month. It's ---> goforit2020 <---

Blessings and Creative Bliss,

Such a happy day! All the fabrics got loved on, the plants rearranged, every shelf dusted, and I created a Google ad. What made me feel like I had a little bit of a growing up store was choosing a bunch of fabric to mark down. And printing a sign that read, "It's ok to go cRaZy! It's a fabric sale! This shelf 30% off."

I am learning so much on this journey. It was tricky there for a minute. I wobbled, doubted myself. I thought that I couldn't figure things out. That I didn't know how to be a shop owner. Then I realized that this craft drew me in heart, lifeforce, and sinker. I love it so much I created a fabric nook and makerspace to share this love, dreaming that others would find their creative voice in a space where love and bliss are the mission. I am focusing on that part of it, and I feel so much better and joyful.

Play more, make more, I say. I love fabric. I love quilting. I love sewing. I love teaching and sharing. I would love to share that with you.

And a really important new development, I'm now open M-F 9-5pm. That's really important and awesome.

Oh, how summer flew by. My mom was just in town. It was the first time she saw my space. She was proud of me. Growing up, I watched her sew dresses, my prom dress, matching plaid outfits for my brothers, sister, and me, pillows, curtain, covers for the seats in our 1980 Dodge Ram. She inspired my creativity and my love for sewing and fabric, and many other things. So of course, when she got here, we sewed. We made curtains for my house. We cut up a quilt that had not yet been bound and made fraternal twin tote bags. It was the time of my life, infusing my space with her love, warmth, and creative bliss. 

At the shop, I'm most excited about the upcoming fabric collections, more teachers and classes, and new projects. I'm thinking of a fun improv group quilting endeavor. I'm getting more and more fabric, and thinking of fun ways to create with it. 
We are having a sale through August! Use Code FAB10 for 10% off your fabric purchases. 

I will be taking some time off to recharge and get inspired, in the spirit of slowing down and listening to Guidance to encourage my own deeper creative mind to thrive and play. My intention everyday during this time is to ask my inner child what she would want to do and then truly listen, honoring her whims and delight.

My shop will reopen in August, and I'll have classes going again then too. So! Beginning July 14 through Aug. 2, we will take online orders only. Your order will be mailed out on Monday, Aug. 5. Use code: ThankU20 for 20% off any fabric order. No minimum necessary. 

I have been a fabric store owner for 6 months, and boy, has it been a ride. What I love most is teaching, seeing people fawn over the fabric, and walk away happy with their new fabric purchase, and students proud of themselves for their newest creation. I've had people who've never sewn on a machine before and make something they should be proud of!

As a shop owner, I am learning a ton! What it takes to host a class, upload fabric, take photos, marketing. Along with my heart, my brain is active and growing too. I honor all the fabric store owners out there, those real people, with families, with stories, with hopes and dreams and a passion for fabric and quilting and making, who make it possible for us fabric hoarders to grow our collections. It's a huge work of heart, and I bow, bow, bow, and bow some more! I have over 150 bolts of fabric in my nook, and I still shop for fabric all over! 

I hope you're enjoying your summer and that you have the chance to check out our newest offerings. And to inspire you to get something pretty for yourself, use this code for 20% off your fabric order: ThankU20.

And if you're in the Denver area, come to a class. We have a bunch of fun ones on the way. I learned macrame just recently from Sara Brinson, and I love the meditative process of using my hands to tie knots to make something folky and boho. It's coming back! And we held our first quilting round robin, and I crave the next one. I have so many ideas for classes. I can't wait to bring them all to you.

Happy May, everyone! Every day I wake up saying, "I can't wait!" The world is blooming again, and the flowers and their life, vibrance, and color shake something in my soul, putting a skip in my step as I watch them burst through the soil to reach for the sunshine.

Wow. I've been dreaming of more teachers, more classes, more fun, more opportunities for learning and collaboration. I'm beyond excited to announce that I'm partnering with some amazing women to bring you more creative experiences. I feel super honored to be part of building our creative futures together. Sarah Naomi will teach pattern reading to make a clutch on May 26. Also Sara Brinson will join us to teach macrame workshops! These ladies are creative forces to be reckoned with, big hearts, big lights, a passion for making and teaching and sharing. Our classes are expanding, so is our fabric offerings, our spark and shine ever growing, and in turn, so is my heart.

See you soon! And just for fun! Mention "Big Love" for 20% off your next in-store purchase.

4.3.19 I thought I was moving to a larger space last month. In anticipation of that move, I ordered enough fabric to fill that larger space. And then! That move didn't happen, but I'm trusting the Universe's plan, because truthfully, I am more than overjoyed with the 180 square feet I am blessed with. Here, it is pure bliss, being surrounded by fabric that makes my heart break out in song, an amazing community of creatives cheering me on, my friends who drop by often, and the students who take my classes, either to make their first quilt, to learn to sew their first anything, play the ukulele, paint batik flags, and many more fun things to do and learn! Their energy brings this fabric nook of mine SOUL. How lucky I am! 

So, since I didn't move and I'm currently happily bursting at the seams, I am having a Spring Sale! Use the code SpringClean15 for 15% off your fabric order. Enjoy!
It's spring time. Time for creative energy to burst forth. What will you make? I'm making bags like crazy! 

PS All orders will ship on made through the 8th will ship April 9. Sale ends on 4/15. Don't miss! 

Where did January and February go?! Hello, March! The sun is shining in here and I'm so excited about every single day that I get to be in this beautiful space, looking at the fabric that brings me so much joy. There are new friends every day, making, creating, designing, wanting to learn more.

Guess what!? I now have 25 plants here. I got a few, then I had to get a few more, then boom. 25. The extra oxygen and limitless beauty from plants galore are fueling me. The greens call to spring, and life is good.

The BEST News! Cindy Harp has recently joined our team as a teacher. We're honestly tickled to have her teaching with us. She'll start with advanced piecing skills classes. We have Crazy Patch, Paper Piecing, Hexagons, Flying Geese, Partial Seam Stars, and Half Square Triangles. Hang on,let mem catch my breath. That's a lot! And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Come on down and hang out in your creative bliss. 

When I think about my little shop, I think "Heck yeah! Beautiful fabric! Heck yeah! New classes! Heck yeah! My little special lovely place on earth! Heck yeah! More people sewing and quilting!" I am enjoying watching this little dream of mine work! It's a thrill full of truth-bumps.  

Our class offering are expanding. This month we have ukulele, fabric collage, and mala beads, and then in March so far, terrariums, batik dyeing. And more to come! As Spring makes its way to us, I'm ready for more sun, more plants, more color, more learning, more quilting.

And you may want to know about our *****FREE FABRIC***** YES IT'S TRUE. We have an amazing special for new customers if you haven't heard. You can save $20 off your first fabric order with this code ----> 20forYOU
As of today we're now two months strong. It makes me happy to be in my little nook, to remember the wonderful people I've met in the two classes I've taught there so far. I am truly grateful to be building something that support others' creative adventures! We played together in a mala making class, setting forth intentions for the new year, and I taught my first quilting class. Everyone's mini quilts were so darn adorable. It was my joy to see everyone caught up in their moment, sewing, designing, playing. A couple said they didn't want to stop. I hope they never do! 

Our wonderful fabric collection is growing and growing. I am surrounded by uplifting beauty and color. We shall see you soon! Looking forward to more learning and growing and creating together.

It's been such an incredible journey. I have learned so much, and I've been having an amazing time. I'm happy to announce that we are now open! At this time, we have limited store hours and they are listed on the site.

Starting in the new year, we'll have a wide array of sewing classes, including mini quilting, apron making, bags, and batik flags! Keep a lookout for that calendar. Hope to see you soon!

Art & Craft was born out of a passion for making and for all the joy it brings. My name is Jen, and I am the owner. I am a mother of 4 wild people, a school psychologist, singer-songwriter, and maker and curator of lovely things. I love fabric, jewelry, singing and teaching others the joy of creativity. My mission is to have more creative bliss in my life and to encourage others to follow their own creative bliss. 
Our makerspace and fabric boutique is located at 3327 Brighton Blvd., Denver, CO 80216 in the Converge building. Come on through the doors, past the offices in the front, and find me at the first space on the left. (You'll know it's me!)
Our store hours are coming soon! As of today mid November, I am lovingly setting up, taking care of the details, learning how to use a credit card machine, uploading products on my site, staring at the space in the sun, and trying to figure out the best configuration for shelves, quilts, jewelry, my sewing table, and all those other wonderful things that will live there. It is fun beyond measure. In the meantime, I also sell the fabric and goods online and am happy to ship to anyone in the US.
MAKERSPACE MOTTO: This is a place of creative bliss. There is no right or wrong here. There's only the the process the creating and appreciating. This is a place of love, of acceptance and of discovery, where we play more, where we make more, where visions materialize right before our eyes.
At the space, we provide curated modern quilting fabric for sale, as well as jewelry and some notions. We will soon offer a wide array of fun Art, Music, and Sewing classes for you to enjoy and learn. Keep a lookout for that calendar! Also we have a space for birthday parties, baby showers, bridal parties, etc. for you to create something together as a way to celebrate your occasion by having a meaningful creative and memorable experience.
Feel free to reach out with questions! Call 720 341 9737 or Email
In creative bliss,