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Piecing Skills: Improv Quarter Circles & Hexagons

In this class, we'll spend time learning how to sew improv quarter circles and hexagons, two advanced and valuable skills to add to your piecing repertoire.

Hexagons are one of a few shapes in nature that tessellate! Tessellation is a pattern of shapes that fit perfectly together, and when you sew them you might just giggle like I did at first, and then sew every hexagon you have in your stash, and then make more, because it's that addictive. 

Then! With the quarter circles, you'll learn how to sew a curve. They're not scary at all, just super fun.

Think of all the beauty you'll create once you have these skills in your toolbox.

Note: If you would like to bring your own machine, make sure you bring its respective components for your ease of use. Depending on the model, we may be able to support you in using it, if you are unsure. 

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Piecing Skills: Improv Quarter Circles & Hexagons

$ 44.99
Includes all materials, use of sewing machines, and tools