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Courthope by Monika Forsberg


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Monika Forsberg's Courthope

Looking at this fabric brings me a cheery heart! So many fun details, I can't name them all. I think it goes with everything!

Color: Cheer
From the Savernake Road Collection
Width: 44 inches

Color disclaimer: Every effort is made to photograph and display images of the fabric as closely as possible. But due to variations in screen capacities and resolution on monitors and phones, we cannot guarantee that what you see is what we saw when we took the photo. There are also differences in the way our own eyes see color, even if we're staring at the same color standing side by side. That's pretty cool. 

If you would like to be sure of the color and want a sample, please email the name of the fabric, as we do not offer refunds on cut fabric. (Sample with shipping $ 2, Email: